About the Writers

Andrew Morris

Warsaw, Indiana native Andrew Morris is an IU grad, Fulbright recipient and musician. He has played music with several groups, the most notable of which were Pluto’s Ladder, Grandpa Earl and the Kentucky Bastards, Andrew Morris & Friends and his most recent group The Matchsellers. He has released three full-length solo albums: Lorelei (2010), The Great Corn Detasseling Album (2011), Mathew Wallace’s Journal (2012) and an EP with The Matchsellers called Claypool Dog Race (2013)

Steve Henn

Steve Henn is a guiding voice of the “Warsaw art scene”, who loves Guided by Voices. He pushes many art-younglings of Warsaw (Kaveh Akbar, Ethan Bartman, Andrew Morris, among others) to produce work and is constantly working on projects of his own. His poetry has been published in many small press magazines including 5AM, Nerve Cowboy, and Zen Baby. His first full-length book of poetry, Unacknowledged Legislations, was put out in 2011 by New York Quarterly Books, which was followed up a year later by his second full-length, And God Said: Let there be Evolution! He drums in the band Invisible Robots and is a public school teacher. Get his book and read a better bio about him here: http://www.nyqbooks.org/author/stevehenn

Mathew Price

Mathew Price is a Graduate of American Studies from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom, where his research focused on the Blues and American Culture. He spent a year studying at Indiana University Bloomington and currently plays bass in the band The Flying Isaacs in his home town of Rainham in Medwey, UK.


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