Catalog of Artists

Here is a list in alphabetical order (by last name / band name) of the artists General Thad has looked at so far:

Kaveh Akbar (Poet) – InterviewWebsite

Laura K. Balke (Singer/songwriter) – Rumors and Legends, Website

Jenelle Bickel (Photography) – InterviewWebsite

Melissa Cha (Video/Photography) – Wintermute, Website

Daniel Crocker (Poetry) – Like a Fish, Website

Dylan Ettinger (Music) – WintermuteLion of Judah/Baptism SingleBandcamp, Twitter

Ethan & the Imaginary Friends (Music)A Light Tree (in the Key of C), BandcampFacebook

Fair Fjola (Music) – no one gets any, Website

Steve Henn (Poetry) – Unacknowledged Legislations, Interview, Website

High School Girls (Music) – Breakfast Years, Bandcamp

Invisible Robots (Music) – Sunday Beer, Facebook

Andrew Morris (Music) – BandcampThe Great Corn Detasseling AlbumLorelei, Website

Pink Balloon Band (Music) – Tomorrow We Sleep E.P. Review, Bandcamp, Facebook

Kristen Schwenger (Painting, Sculpture) – “Faintwater” and “The Creature and His Crayon”Tumbler

Luke Sirimongkhon (Videos) – “Faintwater” and “The Creature and His Crayon”Vimeo

Oren Wagner (Poetry) – Interview, Website


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