About General Thad

Unfortunately due to the large amount of time I have to give to my new project (http://thematchsellers.wordpress.com), I won’t be able to continue General Thad. It was a great year and a half. Thanks to everybody




Named after General Thaddeus Kosciuszko (the patron war-saint of Kosciusko County), General Thad is an online culture magazine that attempts to critically review, analyze, praise and defame overlooked art from Northern Indiana and more specifically from Kosciusko County and Warsaw. General Thad was started in May 2011 by Andrew Morris, but has since been helped by Steve Henn and british correspondent Mathew Price. We hope to keep growing and to incorporate more artists as we grow. On General Thad one can expect to find new and older releases of Warsaw (and Winona Lake, Wooster, Pierceton, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Middlebury, etc.)-area artistic stuffs, which will be reviewed, analyzed, criticized, etc. There might even be a couple interviews now and again.

General Thad finds itself at the crossroads of two main cultural problems. Firstly, in today’s society we tend to consume culture and rapidly throw it away. We find ourselves quickly watching videos, listening to songs, reading poetry and then moving on to something new without truly analyzing it and without thinking about its implications. There is so much culture coming at us at all times, there is little time to process it all. General Thad modestly attempts to combat this, with a particular focus on underground, DIY and independent art from Northern Indiana.

The second major problem that General Thad attempts to handle specifically concerns the Northern Indiana cultural identity. Due to a shortage of meaningful outlets, there is simply a lack of artistic discourse in Northern Indiana. General Thad hopes to 1) provide an outlet for northern Hoosier artists, 2) give the art meaningful analysis that it would not otherwise receive 3) through these methods highlight and see what the fuck a Northern Hoosier identity is. There are many interesting things happening in Northern Indiana and this art is as complex and as worthwhile as any art produced elsewhere. Very few people are talking about this. General Thad wants to.


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